How could i create e mapping applications that displays a custom map from this URL: (Capabilties with a mapview) http://openwms.statkart.no/skwms1/wms.sjo_hovedkart2?request=GetCapabilities&Service=WMS

inside c# with WPF controls.

It would be nice if there was some full feature map libraries so i could add pinpoints to certain Long,lats e.e (Like Openlayers for Javascript)

Google / bing maps API cannot be used as you are not allowed to replace their maps.

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Esri's Runtime for WPF supports WMS layers.

It is not free, but the ArcGIS Silverlight SDK is and has many of the same capabilities. So you may want to try the Silverlight SDK in Out-of-browser mode, which is similar to running a WPF app. You need to set up a proxy though.


I don't have too much experience in C# and WPF, but I think there should be such controls as webview or whatever where you can display a web page or a map. Define map operations using OpenLayers with javascript and hook them to C# functions.


I have not used it myself but SharpMap should be able to handle a WMS layer and render it in WPF using a WindowsFormsHost. See Tutorial - Example 3: Adding a WMS-layer to the map.

Also check out Mapsui which is a port of SharpMap to WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone.


Does this have to be a fully WPF solution? If not then you can use the WebBrowser control and then you can use Google maps, Bing maps or any other web GIS api.

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