I'm looking to create my own geocoding service for a client. The web application will run on intranet and won't have access to the internet.

Is there a way I can run OpenLS like service of geocoding using OSM data?

The map will be displayed with OL + Geoserver and OSM shp file.

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I have a similar problem, just started my research and still haven't found an answer, but:

  1. there has been a recent post to the geoserver-dev list regarding an ongoing GeoServer OpenLS services implementation
  2. the OpenRouteService states that "soon we will also make the route service available as OGC-web service, that can be used through http-based xml-requestes as specified in the OGC OpenLS Route Service specification. This will allow developers to use this servide in an open and interoperable way easily within their own applications." However, source code doesn't seem to be publicly available.
  3. the OpenLayers OpenLS example (at the OpenLayers site) is using the above mentioned OpenRouteService.
  4. if OpenLS compliance is not a strict requirement, you might use Nominatim.

Anyhow, in either case I don't think you'll be able to use an OSM shapefile to support your service: a PostgreSQL+PostGIS+pgRouting database will most certainly be required.

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