I have a csv file of Clovis projectile points that were recorded only with the county in which they were found, no coordinates at all, no shapefiles. Is there a way to bring these into a state map with counties to show county level finds?

I have a geocoded county outline set for VA. Imported with no problems. I have geocoded site locations for VA. Imported with no problems. Now I have 920 Clovis spear points that were recorded to the county level only and which are not geocoded in anyway, except that the county is listed. I asked the question here and was directed to MMGIS and got the same error message that 2 other folks got so that didn't work. Then tried to use the vector join. That brought in only some of the info from the Clovis csv file I wanted and then only up to the number of counties in VA (105). So how do I do this. The ArcGIS folks can do it but can QGIS do so and if so, can someone give this newbie step by step instructions as I have tried dozens of combinations to no effect that is useful. Thanks

  • Well if you have some kind of name (County-Name) or adress you could geocode this information and aggregate your information to the resulting locations – Curlew Mar 10 '13 at 9:25

Not sure what you mean by Clovis: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clovis


Here is a step-by-step Guide:

Download Virginia Tiger data at county level from: http://www.census.gov/cgi-bin/geo/shapefiles2010/main

To avoid mistakes by misspelling, I use the FIPS code, as contained in the shapefile in field COUNTYFP10. Note that these are stored as string with three digits.

My sample csv data looks like this:


about 113 lines with random-generated FIPS code between 1 and 199. Load the census data shapefile, and the csv as vector layer.

Rightclick on the csv layer, Properties, Join tab click on the green plus, select COUNTYFP10 in the second and FIPS in the third field. You get your csv with county information added.

The last columns INTPTLAT10 and INTPTLON10 give the WGS84 coordinates of the county polygon centers. Save the layer as CSV, and add this layer as Text delimited layer. X-Field should be INTPTLON10, Y-Field INTPTLAT10.

QGIS will ask you for CRS, select WGS84, EPSG:4326.

The result will be a point layer with only those counties where sample data was listed in the first CSV file. Labelling with field name looks like this (I added OSM background too): VA counties with sample points

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