i have to creat TINs for a specific areas so the original points or countours are exactly whithin the geographical limits of the area, but when i generate TIN it goes out of those limits and its normal based on the principle of triangulation but is there anyway to gard the same shape and limits after creating a TIN ? right now im using "paint" to clean the mess so please help me :) thanks


Create a polygon of your area of interest. When you create the TIN use this polygon as Clip Polygon. More information in section "Polygon surface feature types" in ArcGIS help.

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    thanks for your answer but this doesnt work on TIN i've tried. but i found the answer on google and i would like to share it with you : Add the TIN and the polygon layer to ArcMap or ArcScene. Select 3D Analyst > Create/Modify TIN > Add Features to TIN. Select the TIN as the Input TIN. Check the polygon layer. Use the following settings for the selected layer: Height source: <None> Triangluate As: hard clip Tag value field: <None> – user16020 Mar 11 '13 at 15:30

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