I am trying to make a plugin for Qgis with python. I have the four corner coordinates for a rectangle. I want to give the user the inputs, line space and angle (0 -180 degrees).

With these inputs, I want to fill this rectangle with lines in the direction of the specified angle and with the specified line spacing between the lines.

I guess what I need is the same type of code as for making a grid. But I can only find information about grids which are vertical or horizontal. I will try to code it myself, but if anyone have a webpage with information, I would gladly to read it.

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Here is how I would proceed

1. Get the slope of the lines

I am not sure of the lines between which is the angle.

If between the line and the x axis: formula1

If between the origin and a given point: formula2

2. Get the parametric equation of the lines

This can be achieved with the traditional line equation formula3 or with the point-slope equation formula4. In both case, this (the origin b or the point) will be obtained based on the spacing between the lines.

3. Create the segment

With the equation of each line, we can create a segment contained withing the rectangle. For this step, I would use the functions in the shapely library (union, intersection,...)

4. Export that in whatever format

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