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I’m sorry, I may be missing something very basic; but I wanted to fill in some missing lat/long values in my attribute table (using QGIS 1.8). I found this: How do I calculate the latitude and longitude of points using QGIS? However, it seems to produce UTM figures rather than degrees—even if I change my Project Properties from NAD 83 16N to WGS 84 for the exercise. Can you please explain where I’m amiss?

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    Changing your project properties has only influence on the trans-projection if i am right. Try to save your shape as WGS84 and import it again. Then insert $x and $y in some attribute table columns. – Curlew Mar 12 '13 at 21:36

Not sure wether I understand your problem, but maybe try:

Layer->save as-> select CSV-> in the ogr-section layer: GEOMETRY=AS_XY

Than you should have a CSV-file with your coordinates.

  • I am unable to get the coordinates the way u mentioned... can you add the snapshot that I can see where I m making mistake... :) – Ade'l Mar 13 '13 at 7:34

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