I want to convert the UTM coordinate system WGS 84 "E,N " from 38 N ZONE to 39 N or to 37 N.

Please send me the formula and programs that I can do it.


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PROJ 4. QGIS, GDAL and PostGIS are one of programs which use it. Get QGIS ( i assume that you use compatible data format) Figure out your source and target SRID and do re-projection.

that's all i can do with current information. In future you could add litlle more information like file format because it can cause problems


Since you need to convert from one zone to another, If you have your data in shapefile, using ArcGIS you can very easily do this. Go to ArcToolbox-> Data Management tools-> Projections and transformations-> Feature toolset > Project. & there you are. ArcGIS Help for Project tool.

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