I'm trying to build my first models in SEXTANTE and already fail at the start. It seems not to be possible to add a vector layer which derives from a database. Orginally, the layers are from a .mdb. I also imported the layers into a spatialite database.

When running the model with those layers as input, the excutions breaks with an error:

Error executing algorithm 0
Wrong value: dbname='P:/pathtodb/Grunddaten.sqlite' key='PKUID' table="monitoring_area" (Geometry) sql=

When saving the layers as shape files first and adding to the project, the model runs without a problem.

Is it in general not possible to use layers from db's or do i have to do some special stuff to get the model running? Exctracting stuff into shapefiles from db's is sooo ...


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  • just found out that the sextante modeler does not eat any layers with any kind of additional info (like in queries etc.). So all database stuff seems not to work, and also shp which have a query to limit features is rejected. Even plain shp-layer, which once HAD a query, but which was reverted later, produces an error, so you have to delete and reload it. – Bernd V. Mar 26 '13 at 0:56