Does QGIS have the ability to Zoom to a specific lat/long point upon the user entering one. I can see it shows the coordinates in the bottom task bar but I'm not seeing a way to manually enter lat/long point and zoom to it. Possibly even harder, I would like to zoom to specific lat/long point even though I'm in a UTM projection.

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    Without looking at it: There is a zoom to point plugin and the place finder plugin. Both can zoom you to certain point in the map – Curlew Mar 16 '13 at 23:16

You can just type into the "display" part of the status bar where you see the coordinates and zoom level.

I don't know a way to do the "enter long/lat in degrees but display in UTM" though.


Sorry to dig up this old question, but it's still in the first results with a Google search...

I found out a pretty nice plugin which perfectly suited my needs about dealing back and forth between a local SCR and Lat/Long data with various web tools, so I thought I may share..

It's called Lat Lon Tools and it's an open source project developped by the NSA.

This tool is able to zoom easily to Lat/Long coordinates copy pasted from your clipboard or open directly a point from QGIS to a map in your web browser.

Lat Long tools menu screenshot

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