I have ArcSDE on an Oracle database and I want to add a database server connection to ArcCatalog, I've seen several sites but they don't say what I have to write down. Let me explain:

From the tree at the left I have several options, from hard drives, database connections to database servers and gis servers. When I right clic the Database servers option and choose add database server I get a dialog box asking me for a Database Server, so, what is what I have to write there?

I've tried with:

  • servername\user
  • servername\oracle11g
  • servername\ESRI_sde


And SDE Administration

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Using Spatial Database Connection in ArcCatalog

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Here is the 9.3.1 help for most everything you need.
The connection depends a bit on the method you are using in oracle for connections.
I normally used sid name (easiest to maintain).

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