Is there a good tool / technique to display ArcSDE-metadata in a webbrowser?

We want to provide user without GIS-knowledge with a user friendly tool to explore our SDE metadata catalog. We are using the inspire-profile for metadata input. They just need to explore the properties of the metadata, they don't need to see the data itself.

I am currently experimenting with geoportal to allow user without arcgis explore our metadata catalog. But i feel like it is to complex for non-gis users, with all the categories etc.

I have also looked at geonetwork, but there seems to be no way to automate the update from database to server and i also had issue's with the import of metadata xml from exported form arccatalog.


SDE metadata catalog is quite different from FGDC metadata.
You might consider creating an xml view of your sde data catalog and serve that to an esri simplified template.
I just found this link that might be of help.
Chris North from esri


http://geocat.net/bridge is an easy tool to convert ArcSDE-metadata to iso19139-inspire metadata, and optionally publish it to http://geonetwork-opensource.org Other options in bridge are publishing data from ArcMap to geoserver/mapserver.

You also might want to have a look at http://www.esri.nl/geosticker

  • I aware of these solutions. My users believe geoportal and geo-network are to complex for our goals (and I agree). We just want to display the metadata in the browser. – warrieka Jun 11 '13 at 12:56

I found my own solution:

I discovered, i can use the GP-tool XSLTransform from the toolbox conversion/metadata to write to HTML.

With some simple python i can now traverse my database an publish it to my webserver. I also wrote some extra code to generate a sort of index-page as well.

For example: With this tool i can convert a the metadata of a single dataset to html:

import arcpy, os, sys

inData = arcpy.GetParameterAsText(0) 
outHtml = arcpy.GetParameterAsText(1)

def main():
    iDir = arcpy.GetInstallInfo("desktop")["InstallDir"]
    xslt= iDir + r"Metadata\Stylesheets\ArcGIS.xsl"
    arcpy.XSLTransform_conversion( inData , xslt, outHtml , "#")

if __name__ == '__main__':

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