I have QGIS running on a windows operating system. I am willing to use QGIS from command line to follow this procedure.

Unfortunately, i cannot manage to have qgis declared in the command windows. I have added "C:\Program Files (x86)\Quantum GIS Lisboa\" to the path variable. but it does not seem to be sufficient.

Would you have any tip on that ?


As proposed by Andre Joost, declaring the \bin subdirectory is a first step. Following procedure, the command I am trying to run is:

 C:\...>qgis --project myproject.qgs --snapshot image.png 
 --width 1500 --height 1000 --extent 831421.30, 6496828.19, 860046.84, 6536520.86

QGIS loads the project and then the cursor freeze/standby. and Qgis answers no more for several minutes and I kill it. the snapshot image.png and companion world file are generated but are empty (7Ko png).

the cmd output is:

_path=C:\PROGRA~2\Quantum GIS Lisboa\apps\Python27\Scripts
OSGEO4W home is C:\PROGRA~2\Quantum GIS Lisboa


best regard, Pascal

  • Add some more information, please. What is the actual command you were trying to execute, and what output did you get? Mar 18, 2013 at 15:53

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You have to start qgis.bat, not qgis.exe. The bat is in the \bin subdirectory.

Otherwise the environment variables are not set properly.

If you want to start Qgis from a selfmade batch, you have to use a CALL statement to invoke qgis.bat.


I'm afraid you are out of luck with --snapshot:



It worked with earlier versions of QGIS (when the blog was actually written). I get the same behaviour with Lisboa and Master from last November.

  • thanks; adding the QGIS \bin subdirectory made it available for the cmd.
    – Pascal
    Mar 18, 2013 at 16:39

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