Does anyone know where I can get a full complete T/R/S for Amita County in MS? Geocomm shp files looks incomplete. The counties in Mississippi are not helpful.

I ended up finding the TRS from this website http://www.maris.state.ms.us/HTM/DownloadData/Statewide.html

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The national map is one source.
BLM Geocommunicator is another
There is a history of the plss system here

blm geocommunicator Depending on your location you will probably need the blm source data and the alt source data.

alt source


Here is the entire State as a shapefile, for free. Attributes include township/range/section. This is PLS based on 24k maps. Maris has the Cadnsdi format of grid, which is newer.


As an update, PLSS provide national geodata here: http://www.geocommunicator.gov/GeoComm/lsis_home/home/

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