I am trying to write out a CSV file from a vector layer made up of points using the python console in QGIS. I've tried the following command:

QgsVectorFileWriter.writeAsVectorFormat(layer_Map, Folder + "my_shapes.csv", "CP1250", None, "delimitedtext")

but it does not like the delimitedtext parameter (if I use ESRI Shapefile it works fine). I have not been able to determine what other options can be used instead of ESRI Shapefile.

I find the Quantum GIS API documentation to be quite confusing, but I hope I will get used to it soon.

Thanks in advance for any help.

  • Are you getting an error message? If so, please edit your question to include the error.
    – user3461
    Mar 20, 2013 at 16:17
  • No error message, but the number 1 is returned, meaning that the action was not successful. If I use the ESRI Shapefile option the action returns 0 (i.e. successful)
    – Dom
    Mar 20, 2013 at 16:22

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Just use the "CSV" argument :

currentLayer = qgis.utils.iface.mapCanvas().layers()[0]
QgsVectorFileWriter.writeAsVectorFormat(currentLayer, csvpath, "CP1250", None, "CSV")

I get the 0 exit code, and the CSV file is well created :)

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