When I try to open my workspace file, renamed 'FILE' here, it gives this error:

(FILE.wor:201) Found [)] while searching for [A string constant]. (FILE.wor:204) set is an invalid indentifier. (FILE.wor:204) Unable to create map layer. (FILE.wor:204) Unable to create map group layer.

I have tried opening the file in notepad to see if I could find a 201 or 204 but there are none, so it must be embedded somewhere in the file. Who can tell me how to fix this?

Thanks! Bertus


201 and 204 refers to the line in the workspace.

So you'll have to open the workspace in a text editor and go to those lines to identify the problem.

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    Thanks! I did not find the exact problem, but replaced those lines with the similar ones from an older backup of the file. This seemed to work after a bit of tinkering. – B. Brokamp Mar 25 '13 at 11:36
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