I'm trying to create a mapbook using ArcGIS 10.1 data driven pages. Its quite large and I want to create match lines or labels so that if you are looking at a page, there is text/labels showing you which page is adjacent to the top, bottom, left, right.

If I remember, correctly, this option was part of the data driven pages toolbar in 10.0, but it doesn't seem to be there now?


You have to prepare you data before hand with adjacency fields
using the calculate adjacency fields tool

This tool creates eight new fields whose names are a combination of the in_field name and direction. Direction is abbreviated. For example, if the in_field name is "PageName" the new field names created by the tool would include: "PageName_N", "PageName_NE", "PageName_E", "PageName_SE", "PageName_S", "PageName_SW", "PageName_W" and "PageName_NW". If the in_field name is "MyPoly" the new field names would include: "MyPoly_N", "MyPoly_NE", "MyPoly_E", "MyPoly_SE", "MyPoly_S", "MyPoly_SW", "MyPoly_W" and "MyPoly_NW".

You cannot specify names for the new fields. The tool uses default names, though you can change field names after the tool has been run.

You can use fields from a joined table.

I think this is actually what you want.
neighbor label
There are many other label objects you can use.
dynamic labels
I prefer to use the locator map. you can set it to highlight and label the current page differently than the neighbor pages.

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