I've loaded a shp file (ROUTES.shp) layer containing geometry for highway segments with a ROUTE attribute for each. I understand that the plugin uses the "z" coordinate of the shp file segments to determine the appropriate "measure" for the geometry in terms of linear referencing to determine coordinates for points along the geometry.
I've loaded a csv (EVENT.csv) layer containing entries for each event along the segments of the routes. For example I have one instance RT66 in the shp and multiple instances of RT66 in the csv (each of which has a MILE column where I wish to place the event). The plugin allows me to select the appropriate fields from the two layers as expected as well as the AT attribute from the EVENT layer as expected for Point events. The plugin fails to match anything but does create an empty event layer with the same attribute columns as the EVENT.csv layer. I suspect the problem lies in the setting of the z coordinate of the shp geometry which should be the Measure but I can't seem to review/change it within Qgis. I believe the shp is 3D and contains the correct z but can't tell for sure. The shp also contains an attribute which is the Measure so I could populate z with that but how?

Handy looking plugin but can't get it to work.

THX in advance for any help.

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