I am trying to make some kind of line-drawing editor over OpenStreet map using OpenLayers. I am able to draw points, connect them into lines, and it all looks good, but if I unzoom, stroke width is the same as on previous zoom (instead of being smaller). And if I unzoom al the way up to 0, line width (stroke) is still the same.

Now, I made this work the way I want it using context on Style, but I don't like the way it works...


Is there some kind of setting to make all lines scalable when I am changing zoom (adapt stroke width based on current zoom level)?

Can I set stroke width in meters or millimeters?

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My solution at the moment:

  1. Define a context object with method for calculating line width (this can be done in style definition, I wrote it like this for readability):

    var context = 
        getWidth: function (feature) 
            //I am setting attribute widthInMeters to each feature, and I am using that
            //for a calculation of line width, where 1m = 100px
            var r = map.getResolution() * 10000000;
            var w = feature.attributes.widthInMeters * (100 / parseFloat(Math.round(r * 100) /100).toFixed(2));
            return w;
  2. Define a style with context and add it to vector layer:

    var style = new OpenLayers.Style(
        strokeWidth: "${getWidth}",  //Context method call to get the width  (context.getWidth)
        strokeLinecap: "square"  
        context: context 

Now, this works. If width of a line is 1 meter, it is calculating the correct length on every zoom change, and it looks good. But, this setup is really complicated on larger code (my code is a larger code) so I am trying to find a way to do this in style definition, and not to manually calculate it...

If someone suggests a better solution, it will be accepted as an answer.

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