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I am trying to download building footprints from OpenStreetMap so I can import them into ESRI's CityEngine but I am only able to download road files (as routes), as seen below.

I am trying to download a section of Seoul (Gangnam) to display the area in CityEngine.

I am new to downloading OSM data.

Image 1 example

Image 2 example

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Use the 'Export' tab on the OSM website to export an *.osm file.

You can then use the 'Import' option on the File menu in CityEngine 2012.1 to import osm files. You can then select / deselect features to include in your model.

  • Thanks Sam, I just saw your answer on Twitter as well. I didn't know I can import OSM files directly into CityEngine since I'm just starting out with that software as well! – Ray Apr 3 '13 at 0:00

you can use http://www.osm974.re/osm2gis/ to convert OSM data to SHPs

  • thanks for answer but please explain your answer in detail – Sunil Apr 2 '13 at 10:35

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