I am tackling a project that contains several new elements for me since I am a high school social studies teacher and not a full-time GIS professional.

For this particular project I am trying to show the various US interventions during the Cold War around the world. I have created individual points for each intervention. These points are in a shapefile that contains a list of 49 different interventions. The fields include the country of the intervention, the year, a short description and whether or not a certain type of action occurred.

Example: Guatemala, 1954, (description) and the following values for the six types of action possible: Command=1, Troops=0, Bombing=1, Naval=0, Nuke=1, Jets=0. What this means is that in 1954 we used Command Operations, Bombing and Nuclear Threats to intervene in Guatemalan affairs. On this particular point then I would like to see the three distinct symbols for those types of action. Currently I can achieve this by creating 6 layers but the symbols are all stacked on top of each other.

This has all been done in Desktop 10.1 Advanced. I plan to create a feature service on our AGOL account once I have solved this problem.

Thanks for any advice.

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