I basically need to use two GDAL utilities: gdal_retile.py and gdal_translate, on a Solaris 9 machine. I have tried compiling GDAL from sources, but this seems not to be working. So, since I have python on my server machine, can I just use the utilities without compiling gdal or these utilities depend on GDAL?


Unfortunately you'll need to make a GDAL build, or find a build for Solaris. The GDAL py utilities require Python bindings or they won't work (which I'm guessing you discovered by now).

Perhaps I should be slapped for this but.. could you just handle these tasks on a different computer? Getting them going on either Windows or linux is trivial.

Otherwise, I'd suggest hitting up the gdal-dev mailing list to request some assistance getting your Solaris build going. Have you seen this page of Solaris build tips? It seems the authority on this topic is Christian Schaffer.

  • Thanks...I actually had to do a rebuild as you suggested and everything worked fine. – algone Oct 7 '13 at 15:10

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