I have georeferenced a map and saved a selection of some points on the map. These points are cities of departure and arrival and I want to join the .shp with a and excel .csv with the information of the migration of my individuals to represent their way.

-If I join on my .shp (the selected points and the origin cities on .csv) I only get 15 out of 40 lines as many individuals started their trip from the same city

-If I joint on my .csv I have a complete table attributes. I save a selection and want to open it as .shp but I only have three extensions (.dbf, .prj, .qpj)

How can I get a complete joint table attributes between a .cvs of 40 items and a .shp of 15 items and make sure the items are georeferenced on my map?

I hope this makes sense, I'm still a beginner ;)

Thank you for your help

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    Which software do you use? Apr 8 '13 at 10:41

You can upload your SHP file into landviewer and make sure that the data is visualized correctly. After that you may combine the results into CSV file by clicking on "time series analysis" icon on the left and export into CSV file.

Click HERE to view. Direct link.


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