How can I represent RGeo::Point ( CAPI implementation ) in some way where I don't have to convert it once more in Sql?

Now I have something like this:

class Poly
  scope :enclosing ->(geom) do
    where ["ST_Contains(poly.geom, ST_GeomFromText( ? , 4326))",
p = RGeo::Geos.factory(srid: 4326).point(10, 20)

This way the point first gets represented as "POINT (10.0 20.0)" , then converted to geometry by ST_GeomFromText. Is there a shortcut? PostGIS geometry items look like 0101000020E6100000CC79C6BE64E13D4046F6F708EB8F4E40 and have SRID already encoded, but RGeo::Point.as_binary returns something very different and not acceptable by PostGIS.

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