Does anyone have any experience with pathmetrics in GME?

I would ideally like to use the old Hawths's tool "line metrics" for calculating sinuosity of a daily path but I have ArcGIS 10. I downloaded GME & R and have run some things successfully (e.g. min convex polygon), but have had lots of problems trying to run "path metrics" in GME. It basically won't run and I don't know why. I get an output that says 0 files created.

Also, the format of my 'time' column in the original xls file doesn't seem to get copied when I create a polyline - it ends up with no time codes (shows 0:00:00 in every row). this means I can't easily calculate the time intervals (and so the rate of path movement). Is there a specific time format that is needed?

Lastly, imagining that I do get it to run, how do I calculate the path sinuosity from the segment lengths, turn angles etc..?


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If all you want is an implementation of sinuosity... have a look at the python toolbox code example (bottom of link page) it contains an implementation of sinuosity.


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