I need help to display layers group/non group 1. with checkbox to select layer or group 2. icon/symbol for each layer.

I saw example codes from OpenLayers where it's adding the layers statically. I would like to populate it dynamically so in future if a layer is added/remove it will be displayed without changing any code.

Sample layout of what I want to achieve is posted below, please note that checkboxes are displayed as dots.

Groping of Layer

  • Layer
    • School
    • Road
      • Metal Road
      • Unmetal Road
    • Parecls
    • Water Feature
    • Cities
    • Disulict
    • India


I do this using JQuery, not the Openlayers Layer Selector


  1. create a set of check boxes in Jquery based on your dynamic table, xml, json, wherever you get it from
  2. Add a onclick handler to each check box that calls the openlayers function to create and display the layer. Keep Track of the displayed layer status with a Boolean variable so you can use it as a toggle

Here is an example of the layer toggling functions (Make sure you declare the variable bathy with the right scope, ie: toy can access it from the onclick event on the check boxes)

    function showBathy() {

            // ==  Setup and Add Bathy Layer

                    bathy = new OpenLayers.Layer.WMS(
                                LAYERS: 'bathy',
                                STYLES: '',
                                format: format,
                                gutter: gutter,
                                tiled: tiled,
                                tilesOrigin : map.maxExtent.left + ',' + map.maxExtent.bottom
                                buffer: buffer,
                                displayOutsideMaxExtent: true,
                                isBaseLayer: false,
                                singleTile: singleTile,
                                ratio: 1,
                                transitionEffect: transitioneffect,
                                yx : {'EPSG:4326' : true},
                        eventListeners: {
                                "loadstart": layerLoadStart,
                                "loadend": layerLoadEnd



    function hideBathy() {


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