I have an Image Pyramid in GeoServer 2.2 RC3 (not the latests - I know, but I have other pyramids working here).

The total size is around 1TB and file size is around 1-2GB for each GeoTIFF.

When looking at the results using WMS, it all looks blurred. Going into the GeoServer log, I found that when I request an image, it selects the level which I think is causing it to upscale the result to fit the screen:

Size in pixels: 1632x960
Size in meters: 1406x827

I have a GSD = 1 meter/pixel at the level GeoServer selects (which is 3). Shouldn't it select level 2 with a GSD = 0.5 meter/pixel to ensure GeoServer downsamples the result - thus loosing information instead of creating it?


By default GeoServer picks the closest resolution to the one you're asking for. Programmatically one can set three different policies, but I don't believe the setting is exposed anywhere in the GeoServer GUI. You may want to open an improvement request at jira.codehaus.org.

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    @Andrea: You write that the GUI doesn't expose the setting, but can I edit some configuration file or similar to select a different policy? – Chau May 21 '13 at 7:26

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