I would like to export with ogr2ogr the data I have in a kml as ExtendedData

            <SchemaData schemaUrl="#15540_punti">
                <SimpleData name="myid">9</SimpleData>
                <SimpleData name="IDENTITA">15540_IX</SimpleData>
                <SimpleData name="NOME">Fontana</SimpleData>
                <SimpleData name="AMP_CONO_V">80</SimpleData>
                <SimpleData name="PROF_1SSP">5,2</SimpleData>
                <SimpleData name="PROF_1P">26</SimpleData>
                <SimpleData name="PROF_2P">78</SimpleData>
                <SimpleData name="PROF_3P">156</SimpleData>
                <SimpleData name="PROF_SFOND">245.26</SimpleData>
                <SimpleData name="ASSE_DIR">117g39p8s</SimpleData>
                <SimpleData name="UNITA PAES">Piazza Santa Croce</SimpleData>
                <SimpleData name="QUOTA_SLM">276 + 1.50</SimpleData>

I have tried with gdal 1.9.2 and libkml to export in CSV, but I obtain a file that does not contain the fields of the original kml (myid, IDENTITA, NOME, etc.). This is the output


Is it possible with ogr2ogr to export KML ExtendedData in tabular form?

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There are limitations in ogr2ogr, as created shp will will have just 2 extra fields: Name and Description.

So you can specify to just 2 features to be writen. For ex. it might work to specify to write down ur first tag 'SimpleData name="myid"' (though not sure..):

ogr2ogr -f KML output.kml input.shp -dsco NameField= SimpleData name="myid"

The following creation options are supported:

NameField: Allows you to specify the field to use for the KML element. Default value : 'Name' ogr2ogr -f KML output.kml input.shp -dsco NameField=RegionName

DescriptionField: Allows you to specify the field to use for the KML element. Default value : 'Description'



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