I saw this post:Routing issues with pgrouting, and try the ability of reverse_cost.

As the result of this post, if there is only one way to go from one node to another, even though the reverse_cost is very huge, pgRouting can still give the result the same as the one that I do not use reverse_cost(but this time the cost is drastically huge), but apparently it's unreasonable.

Then I try to set the reverse_cost to negative value, unfortunately under Win7 the error occurs:

enter image description here

Can someway I can do to solve this problem?

Or under this condition can pgRouting return one acceptable and operable result like "route not found" or "route not connected"?

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Forget about pgRouting. There are lots of other things you should check.

  • Check if your LAN cable is plugged or WiFi is connected.
  • Check if your PostgreSQL server is working properly.
  • Check if your connection host/port to PostgreSQL is set correctly.
  • Check if your machine or PostgreSQL server is ignoring port 5432.
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