I have a vector map that includes 100 points. These points were created using v.extract to randomly sample a larger map of 10k points. As such, the 'cat' values range from 1 to more than 10k. What I would like to do is to update the attribute table by rescaling these values to 1 to 100.

Here's what I've experienced. If I use

v.category input=pts100 output=foo option=del
v.category input=foo output=pts100 option=add --o

Then when the 'cat' values appear rescaled when I print them with

v.category input=pts100 option=print

However, if I look at the dbtable with

db.select pts100

the 'cat' values have not changed (presumably because it is the key column).

So I'm thinking I will need to add a new column using v.db.addcol, but I don't know how to specify the range of value to populate the new column. From what I can tell, I have to specify a single value.



Create a new column in which you will populate the new record values

v.db.addcol map=pts100 columns="newcol int"

Initialize the value variable that you will use to update the record.


Run a loop based on existing cat values that will update records incrementally

for i in `v.category pts100 option=print`; do
   v.db.update pts100 column=newcol value=$val where="cat=$i"

This results in a new column of values that are scaled 1-100

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If you use the dbf driver you can carefully use LibreOffice (or Open Office) to edit directly the dbf file... just be careful not to add/remove records.

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