I wrote an xml in Standard Layer Descriptor for GeoServer, with the objective to map a satellite image with discrete values. I wrote:

< ColorMap type="intervals">
  < ColorMapEntry color="#000000" quantity="0" label="b"/>  
  < ColorMapEntry color="#00FF00" quantity="10" label="c"/>
  < ColorMapEntry color="#FFFF00" quantity="20" label="d"/> 
< /ColorMap>

The problem is that a value corresponds to a color set in a previous line, for example the pixel value 10 corresponds to #000000 color (but this color has to corresponds to value 0.)

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The bounds in the interval are not inclusive below but are inclusive above.

You are coloring values <0 to #0000000; values >=0 && < 10 to #00FF00; values >=10 && <20 to #ffff00.

See this cookbook example for details.

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