This is my first posted question despite using StackExchange for a few years now. I've been stuck for quite some time trying to figure out this issue with OpenLayers. The problem is as follows:

I have a bunch of features plotted on a map and am able to select features in various ways (e.g. drawing a box around them, clicking on individual features, entering a zip code that selects all features within that zip code, etc.). This all works fine. The issue is that I have a clustering strategy on the features layer and when I zoom out, currently selected features get clustered together with unselected features and those unselected features will become selected when I zoom back in. What I'm trying to accomplish is to NOT have the previously unselected features become selected after clustering.

Here is a link to a visual hosted on my website (http://korynorthrop.com/uploads/Visual.jpg) I could post some code as well, but thought I'd simplify this question first.


My inclination before posting this question was to just track the selected features outside of OpenLayers and reselect them after the zoom event. I couldn't come up with another solution and this method worked for what I needed it to do.

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