I have a large (30m+ records) spatial data set I have imported into a PostGIS database. I did not expect to find multipolygons in the data set, but it does have a few of them. I'd like to take a closer look at them to better understand the data I'm dealing with. However, shp2pgsql indiscriminately imported everything as a multipolygon.

How can I efficiently query the dataset to filter out the multipolygons that are actually simple polygons?

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Just check and see if the number of elements is larger than one.

SELECT Count(*) FROM mytable WHERE ST_NumGeometries(geom) > 1;

If the answer is zero, create a new simple table:

CREATE TABLE mynewtable AS 
SELECT ST_GeometryN(geom, 1)::geometry(Polygon) AS geom, attr1, attr2
FORM mytable;

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