Is there a way to export a shapefile to Google Earth format (*.kmz) using QGIS?


QGIS will not save/export straight to KMZ. As Aaron suggests in his comment above, you can right click on your layer in QGIS, select 'Save As...' and choose KML.

To then convert your KML to a KMZ, you have two options:

  1. Open the KML in Google Earth, right click on 'Save Place As...', and select KMZ as your desired format.

  2. Put your KML in a .zip file, then change the file extension to .kmz. You will now have a working KMZ file you can open in Google Earth as normal.


Check this plugin out. It exports also the symbols as displayed in a QGIS layer:



You can export into .kml using >Layer >Save as >kml and then change the extension into .kmz by renaming it.

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    Changing the extension to .kmz does not compress it. This is very bad advice. – Alex Leith Mar 30 '16 at 22:30
  • You can remove proper one line answer for one line question when you want, and feel happy for who could need it. I'm not paid to help in this webpage but I do it as I can. If you want more ask it to professionist. Ciao – Sandra Apr 9 '16 at 21:29

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