when I do this:

    var options = {
        autoPan : true,
        size : new OpenLayers.Size(300, 200),
        layers : this.map.layers,
        mapOptions : {
            allOverlays : true
    var ov = new OpenLayers.Control.OverviewMap(options);


my layers are only shown in the overview window. The layers disappear from the main screen.

Any suggestions how to fix it?


You need to add a clone of the map layer to the overview control rather than the layer itself.

The OpenLayers overview map example has a bit more information in the page source:

A clone of the above layer that we will use as overview for map2. We need to clone jpl before the it gets added to a map, so the clone can have its own maxExtent and maxResolution instead of getting these settings initialized from map1.

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