I'm looking for a list of lat/long coordinates which will describe all countries of europe. Ideally the list will also describe on which country each closed path belongs to. I'm imagining something along the lines:

 lat    long    cc  type
------ ------- ---- ----
55.05   -7.25   IE  EU27
55.18   -6.97   IE  EU27
55.25   -6.48   IE  EU27
55.22   -6.1    IE  EU27
55.05   -6      IE  EU27
54.83   -5.7    IE  EU27
54.63   -5.92   IE  EU27
55.23   -6.93   IE  EU27
55.05   -7.25   IE  EU27

58.63   -5      UK  EU27
58.55   -4.67   UK  EU27
58.45   -4.77   UK  EU27
58.58   -4.6    UK  EU27
58.45   -4.48   UK  EU27
58.6    -4.02   UK  EU27
58.63   -3.02   UK  EU27
58.37   -3.12   UK  EU27
57.85   -4.2    UK  EU27
57.85   -3.77   UK  EU27
57.6    -4.42   UK  EU27
57.6    -4.1    UK  EU27

Regarding accuracy, I'd be happy with anything over 5.000 points in total.

Where should I look at?

I will convert those coordinates to x/y using fromLatLngToContainerPixel of google maps and then draw the map using javascript.

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    Why? ... What's the use of doing it this way? – underdark Apr 26 '13 at 17:45
  • I want to create the map in paper.js (paperjs.org). I want to be able to draw it on a <canvas /> element so I have full control of what I'm doing and not depend on third party mapping libraries. – cherouvim Apr 26 '13 at 19:58

One source for this is Natural Earth. It provides data for country boundaries at several detail levels.

The vector data is provided as shapefiles, which could be converted into the format that you want.

  • Any idea on which file specifically to look at? – cherouvim May 4 '13 at 18:08
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    Probably the "Admin 0 - Countries" data from the medium scale (1:50m) cultural data. – user3461 May 6 '13 at 17:57

There is some data in GoogleFusionTables: Europe Country Boundaries. Not really exactly as you want.. meaning formating, but I guess you won't have so much problems to fix that.

Or another source, that provides KML, so just reading data from there... http://www.gadm.org/

Hope, that helps!

  • Thanks. The GoogleFusionTables was nice (formatting is not a problem) but it's of very low granularity. For example it just gives around 20 points for small countries and that defines a rough country boundary. – cherouvim Apr 27 '13 at 6:35

If you are still hard pressed to find this:

Find polygons of your countries of interest, convert to raster with appropriate cell size, make points, add lat/long values. You can add the rest of your fields (country, name, ISO-number, EU or no, etc).

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