I am using ArcMap 10.

I have points layer which the attribute looks like this:

FID Shape ID   Lat       Long
0   Point 2065 -5.51666  106.48333
1   Point 2319 21.93333  120.73366

I also have polygons layer :

FID Shape ID   
0   Polygon 0  
1   Polygon 0

How could I join both attribute file so that it become

FID Shape ID   Lat       Long          FID2    Shape

0   Point 2065 -5.51666  106.48333     1       Polygon
1   Point 2319 21.93333  120.73366     1       Polygon
2   Point 2304 22.93333  129.73366     3       Polygon

The actual case is, there are points that fall within one polygon.


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I think this classic point-in-polygon overlay operation is best handled using the Intersect_analysis tool wich:

Computes a geometric intersection of the input features.

If you input a feature class or shapefile of points, and another with polygons, then the output is any points falling within a polygon have the ID (and optionally attributes) of that polygon added to then end of its attribute table.


If the required output is polygon, it is best to use the Spatial_Join_analysis tool.

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