I am looking for publicly or commercially available wind data at altitudes ranging from 0 feet to 40,000 feet over the continental United States.

Which data sources should I look at? Which one is available at the finest resolution (both spatially and temporally) possible? How was this data measured or modeled?


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This best resource for publicly available data is going to be from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, but that isn't going to cover all the altitudes you are looking for. NREL wind data page

NREL's data is based on a model developed by AWS Truepower, which sells a more comprehensive dataset, but I don't know if it will cover everything you need. AWS Truepower

NREL's site also has some links to other resources, covering different geographies and altitudes, such as the US Department of Energy


I am not quite sure if this post is by any means relevant to GIS. Anyway, this link has retrospective wind data for the US.

Please select product of choice and you will find detailed info and citations at the bottom.


enter image description here

This really cool animated windflow map says it uses data from the National Digital Forecast Database.

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