I have a shapefile with some polygons. I would like to change the height for this elements using Java. The rest of the attributes should be the same. I've thought using GeoTools but I haven't found how to implement this.

Any help?

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The following is assuming that you know how to read and write a FeatureCollection in geotools.

SimpleFeatureCollection inVector = "read it"
SimpleFeatureCollection outVector = FeatureCollections.newCollection();
String elevationFieldName = "elev";

int size = inVector.size();
FeatureIterator<SimpleFeature> inFeatureIterator = inVector.features();
while( inFeatureIterator.hasNext() ) {
    SimpleFeature feature = inFeatureIterator.next();
    feature.setAttribute(elevationFieldName, yourNewElevation);

Then just write outVector to a new shapefile.

Reading and writing is covered in the tutorials: http://docs.geotools.org/latest/userguide/tutorial/

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