I tried to install PostGIS on my Amazon EC2 microinstance using sudo yum install postgis2 and got following error message:

$ sudo yum install postgis2                        
Loaded plugins: priorities, security, update-motd, upgrade-helper
amzn-main                                                | 2.1 kB     00:00     
amzn-updates                                             | 2.3 kB     00:00     
Setting up Install Process
No package postgis2 available.
Error: Nothing to do

How can I install PostGIS on an EC2 microinstance?


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Probably the most simple option is switching to some other distro, they don't limit your choice by just Fedora, even for micro instances. https://aws.amazon.com/amis/ - Try Ubuntu, or OpenSuse

OpenSuse postgis2 package: http://software.opensuse.org/package/postgis2 Ubuntu PPA: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntugis/+archive/ppa?field.series_filter=precise

Also you can build PostGIS from source: http://postgis.net/source, that's a manageable task too, that's what I normally do on Ubuntu 12.04

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