I have some facilities and incidents, and I want to find the closest facility for each incident. I've done it via Network Analyst (with a network dataset) but I'm wondering if you can do it with just Euclidean distance). I'm using ArcInfo 10.0.

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If your facilities and incidents are both feature layers, and you only care about finding the closest (and not 2nd closest, 3rd closest, etc.) then you can just run Spatial Join. Set your incidents as the target_features, facilities as join_features, and closest as the match_option, and it will join the attributes of the nearest facility to each incident.

  • Thanks for the response. That did the trick (had to do it via python as default Spatial Join kept on crashing due to a memory leak).
    – Kevin
    Commented May 6, 2013 at 22:03

You can also use the Near Geoprocessing Tool to find only the nearest point and not the 2nd or 3rd nearest point.

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