For some graph work, I need the value of X,y tolerance. I found ISpatialReferenceTolerance.XYTolerance Property. But I couldn't find any option that how can I get ISpatialReferenceTolerance interface from the map? Can anybody give me some pointer?

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    double GetXyTolerance()
        var map = ArcMap.Document.FocusMap;
        var spatialRef = map.SpatialReference;
        if (spatialRef!=null && spatialRef.HasXYPrecision())
            var spRefTolerance = spatialRef as ISpatialReferenceTolerance;
            if (spRefTolerance != null && spRefTolerance.XYToleranceValid == esriSRToleranceEnum.esriSRToleranceOK)
                return spRefTolerance.XYTolerance;
        return -1.0;

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