I need to create a web mapping application that can show raster layer of historical maps with a time slider.

Basically, something like this: http://goo.gl/GYHOX

I have different maps of different years of the same are, that can be showed on a time series and moving on with a time slider. The interface can be simple, the important thing is the time slider.

I have programming experience only in HTML/CSS, little of PHP.

Any suggestions of which tools to use? I had a look at TileMill but the problem is the time-slider that I have no clue on how to build it.

Thanks in advance for who will help me.


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Have you tried inspecting the page's source (e.g. with Firefox's developer tools)? Looks like it's using OpenLayers and GeoExt. The time slider appears to be a custom development (check out the functions in the GeoAdmin namespace in the app.js source -- you will probably want to use something like jsbeautifier to make it readable).

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