I'm totally new to MapServer and I've been banging my head trying to figure out how to mount a WMS server that will seed images of a small geographical area to a OpenLayers HTML page.

I already installed Mapserver on windows (MS4W) and "mapserver -v" shows: 'SUPPORTS=WMS_SERVER' so that's done.

Then I used JTileDownloader to get the tiles from the area I'm interested in. I ended up with folders "13" and "14" (guess that the zoom level) full of *.png file inside the folder c:\TMP\MyZone

The next steps seems to be to create an index file from the tiles with gdaltindex witch I manage to install, but I have no idea how to use.

While on the c:\TMP\MyZone folder I tried:

gdaltindex PR1314.shp

gdaltindex PR1314.shp *.png

gdaltindex PR1314.shp 13\*.png

But none of them worked so I don't know what to do, I read a lot articles in MapServer wiki how-to's, but the amount of info is overwhelming and I don't understand half of what I'm reading.

So to recap, I just need a WMS that will seed the tiles I already downloaded. What should I do next?


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I suggest you to use MapProx (http://mapproxy.org/) which does what you need.

Alternatively, see this answer which develops your procedure a bit further: How do I create a mapserver config file for tiles downloaded from WMTS service? .

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