I am a GIS analyst/geologist with a mining company based in Canada. However most of my fieldwork is in remote places with minimal access to the internet. I am after a reliable alternative to ArcPad and ESRI running on either ipad or android tablets. I have already tried several apps like Mapitfast and cartomobile but Ive been unimpressed with either their UI and/or inability to share/access data off the device.

Some tools I need are:

  • Creating rock outcrop maps
  • Editing/importing geology polygons
  • GPS tracking that can be exported for later use
  • Photo-tagging would be a plus
  • Bing or Google as a background image

Thanks in advance.



have you tried Mappt? I read an article about it on GIS Cafe a couple of weeks ago.
On their website it says they recommend the new Samsung Nexus so I am waiting on getting mine before testing Mappt out.

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