I have a water source feature class in my geodatabase that stores point locations and other non-changing information. I want to monitor these water sources year after year and keep track of the data from year to year (so I don't want to overwrite the previous year's data with the following year's data).

I have a table that has the monitoring categories, and I have created a one:many relationship between the feature class and the table.

How can I best incorporate multiple years of data (through checking the geodatabase in and out of ArcPad on my GPS) into a table(s) related to my feature class?

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firs you need to have a date filed at you table. Second you should use COMPOSITE Relationship class — A relationship between dependent objects where the lifetime of one object controls the lifetime of the related object (parent to child). I'm also recommenced on editor tracing Through editor tracking, ArcGIS can automatically record the following information for each feature or table record in a geodatabase dataset:

  • The name of the user who created it.
  • The date and time it was created.
  • The name of the user who edited it. *The date and time it was last edited.

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