We've got some Point data we're displaying in a WMS layer using geoserver 2.2 (same problem on 2.3.1). We style it with the following SLD

           xlink:href="http://server/directory/image.png" />

The problem is that when I click on the edge of the image displayed, the getFeatureInfo returns nothing. When I click dead-center or near-center, I get my data. I have checked that the image is indeed 28px by 28px

I have added a buffer parameter to the getFeatureInfo request and that "solves" it but my images are different sizes in other layers so that's not a satisfying solution.

Any idea why geoserver might not be computing the buffer correctly ? Thanks

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  1. I fix the problem by publish again layer and use cycle graphic style and set radius big then graphic icon
  2. I use new layer_name above for getfeature only and insert it into "nameGetFeature: new_layer" for your layer to show

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