I need a good quality rasterized world map, Winkel-Tripel projection, in which all countries have different (random?) colors. No borders, text, grid or anything else on the map.

Is GIS the right way to go? I found a lot of map data on naturalearthdata.com. Can I create this map with QGIS? Do I need ArcGIS?

I'm completely new to GIS; it looks like an exciting field. I'd appreciate any help to get started.


You can find a shapefile (vector) for countries as of 2010 from http://epp.eurostat.ec.europa.eu. It think that it would be easier to change the symbology of a vector file than deal with a raster. Arcmap will project on the fly and you can set the map to a winkel projection (projected->world or world-sphere->winkel).

A quick world map projected in winkel projection


There's an svg of this projection on wikipedia. All country codes in main map group and easily editable in illustrator

svg tripel winkel projection


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