I would like to obtain the full URL of a REST request inside of an ArcGIS Server SOE.

I would like to return the full URL to an output file. But, the service may be exposed on different servers or through different urls on the same server via a proxy.

I'm working with ArcGIS Server 10.1 on Windows with IIS.

  • I couldn't understand second question correctly. Could you explain more infomation? – Darksanta May 17 '13 at 11:12
  • I was just trying to explain why I can't hard code the host portion of the URL. The service will be deployed to different servers with different URLs. Some of the servers have a different URL when accessed externally. In that case the request goes through a proxy server, so the server has no knowledge of its own URL, which rules out getting the host portion of the URL from a server property. So getting it from the request seems like the best option. – Preston May 17 '13 at 16:20

I did find a solution for this. A property set of server environment information can be retrieved with the following code:

        EnvironmentManager envMgr = new EnvironmentManager();
        UID envUID = new UID();
        envUID.Value = "{32d4c328-e473-4615-922c-63c108f55e60}";
        object envObj = envMgr.GetEnvironment(envUID);
        IServerEnvironment3 serverEnvironment = (IServerEnvironment3)envObj;
        IPropertySet serverPropsTemp = serverEnvironment.Properties;

There are a number of useful reference paths in the property set that provide the information needed to return absolute URLs instead of relative paths for generated files and other resources.

"AdminTokenURL": "http://REDACTED/arcgis/admin/generateToken",  
"RestURL": "http://REDACTED/arcgis/rest",  
"AdminUser": "REDACTED",  
"SoapURL": "http://REDACTED/arcgis/services",  
"AdminURL": "http://REDACTED/arcgis/admin",  
"AdminUserPassword": "REDACTED",  
"RequestContextURL": "http://REDACTED/arcgis"

Thanks to Ajit for the lead in this ESRI forum thread: http://forums.arcgis.com/threads/62768-Is-it-possible-to-access-HttpContext-inside-SOE

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