I am running a model in ModelBuilder. The input are raster files in *.tiff format and the output are *.asc format.

I am using iterate raster and there will be 365 input and output files using %name%.asc

e.g input file : LST01011990.tiff --> output file LST01011990.tiff.asc

How I can output the filename to LST01011990.asc (without repeating the *.tiff)?

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Use the model only tool called Parse Path.

  1. Right-click on the ModelBuilder screen > Model Only Tools > Parse Path.
  2. Make sure to select the "NAME" Parse Type, which will pass on "LST01011990" to the next tool
  3. Connect "Value" to the next tool as a precondition, so that the name is parsed before the Raster to ASCII is run
  4. Call the raster name in the raster to ascii tool via %Value%.

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