This link illustrates one method for calling python scripts from within an ArcObjects environment. The results of these tasks are returned as strings. I wonder if it is possible to call a python script and pass objects back and forth.

For example, assume I have defined a 2-dimensional array (in VB.Net) of x,y coordinate pairs. I want to pass this object to a .py script that will perform some computation (doesn't matter what really) and return a dictionary of lists, i.e. {"1":[2,3,4], "2":[1,3,4], "8":[9,11,5]}.

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As far as I know, there is no way to pass objects between .net and python, but you can use a common data structure like JSON to pass data in string form back and forth and restructure using something like JSON.NET which has a method of deserializing the raw JSON string into a dictionary. It should be easy to find a library that does this on the python end as well. Here's a usage example.

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